Components of Fitness - Part 1: Health

This week I wanted to get you thinking about the different components of your fitness which will improve your health and make everything much easier.

Here are some ways to work each component:

1. Cardiovascular Fitness - Walking, jogging, swimming, dancing or riding a bike. By improving your cardiovascular fitness, you'll be able to perform more activity without shortness of breath.

2. Muscular Strength - Strengthening exercises, lifting weights or walking stairs. By improving your strength, daily activities such as carrying shopping bags, walking stairs and even standing up will be much easier.

3. Flexibility/Mobility - Stretching exercises, mobility exercises, yoga or foam rolling. With more flexible muscles and mobile joints, we can move as we should and help prevent any injuries.

4. Muscular Endurance - High repetitions with strengthening exercises, dancing, swimming, rowing. When we feel what's commonly referred to as 'lactic acid' build up in our muscles, this is our muscles fatiguing. When we improve our muscular endurance, we'll get less muscle fatigue for each activity.

When we are consistent with all of the above components of fitness ( and eating healthy), our body composition will improve.

I cover all components of fitness for health in my exercise videos. So pop on a video and get moving, or add some of the ideas above into your week.

Have fun with it!

I'll cover Part 2: "Skill Related Components of Fitness" Either this week or next.

Part 2: Components of Fitness For Skill


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